Sunday, 10 November 2013



I spent a good few days searching the internet for a floral number to wear to Clothes Shoe Live this year. At first I searched for separate floral blazers with matching trousers, but as a student I don't have £80 to spend on a pair from Topshop/Zara/Miss Selfridge. So I hit the good old Ebay. A lot of the stuff going on there was hitting the £50 mark as a set, or £20 each on their own... This is when I found the above outfit. A 2 piece, jumper with matching cigarette trousers, (Which fit me perfect might I add! I'm a half size so when I got these in a 10 I was very impressed!)

The item was Brand New with Tags from the store Lavish Alice (Now available at BANK FASHION)The outfit itself is sold seperately online, costing £78 when bought together.. I won these goodies for £27.50 including P&P, receiving them two days later! Very happy woman with this!

The material is very thin, It wouldn't keep you warm on a chilly British evening, but they are also very soft and comfortable, which makes up for it in my eyes, very easy to chuck a smart black coat over the top of and be happy with it. The two pieces together are a bit of an eye sore due to the bright pattern... but can be split up using different accessories such as a big belt, chunky gold necklace and transparent clutch...(My ebay wishlist right now)

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